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Diary of a PhD Student Week 7 The Good

For some reason I thought to write a dairy to illustrate my progress and frustrations in completing my PhD in Fine Arts, Art Education from National Taiwan Normal University. So far it has only been seven weeks so I feel it is a bit premature to be writing on the experience. However, people have been asking so I’ll take a moment to let everyone know what’s been going on.

Tadao Ando’s Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Some days I feel on top of the world and thrilled to be doing the sort of work that I’m doing. I feel lucky. Blessed. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Getting a PhD has long been a dream of mine and I’m doing everything I can to make the most of the opportunity.

Tadao Ando’s Church of the Light

This week I’ve been doing some research on the architect Tadao Ando for my International Graphic design class. While this research is extra work it is also fascinating to learn about Ando. Yes academia can be drudgery but it can also be wonderful feeling to be expanding and enriching your mind.

For this class I am also working on a research report that will be published in a book on international graphic designers. My subject is Steven Heller one of the most influential art directors of our time. This project has been almost taking over my life as my investigations introduce me to more influential artists and illustrators. This week I interviewed the famous American political cartoonist Steve Brodner on the phone from New York and this project seems to be one that I can’t put down. There is so much more to discover…….

My class in Visual Culture is also taking over my psyche and is deeply influential. Until now Visual Culture was something that I engaged with but was not really sure how to label or define.

Visual Culture is the study of art and digital media and how it impacts our modern society. It is a key element to my philosophy as a teacher and person and I absolutely love learning about it. Yes it sucks to be spending an evening in at home doing course readings. However, when you are reading about something that you have always innately related to and loved there is no other place to be or thing to be doing.

My job at the University is extremely supportive of my PhD. This week I am working on a grant application to study the impact of introducing EFL Pronunciation classes with images from visual culture that reflect the days lesson. The goal is to use visual culture to introduce vocabulary and produce a dialogue that encourages greater English fluency. Hopefully this project is something that I will be able to work on and study for the next year. Happy Days!


Diary of a PhD Student Week 7 The Bad

Sometimes I am just too exhausted to do it all. Sometimes I feel sick, over tired, burnt out, and there is just no time. No time! More work to do! More! More! More! Everything seems to take forever and the hours are just eaten up, gone!

The other PhD students and Professors at NTNU are extremely helpful but sometimes I do feel overwhelmed by the fact that I am doing my PhD at a Chinese University. While I can write my assignments in English and the course readings are in English, my classes are in Chinese and that can be problematic. It is a tough thing to go through. My professors and classmates are really very supportive but I do sometimes feel inadequate because I don’t speak the language. I also hate the fact that I have no time to study it. Thank fully the University where I work has provided me with a student to assist with translating documents but I still need to study, practice speaking, practice thinking in Chinese…..

Moreover, last week I felt quite angry when I spoke to a friend on the phone and she laughed at me for spending my Sunday at home. First of all Sunday is my only day off so it’s only natural that I would want to take it easy and get some rest. Secondly I have piles and piles of work to do. As it stands Sunday is not enough time to get through it all, so it would be nice if people could be supportive of my decision to continue my education instead of being petty and taking shots over a change of focus or lifestyle.

Tadao Ando’s 4 by 4 house

Whenever I talk to other PhD students at NTNU we all we can mention is our research and workload. Our time to party and have fun will be over New Years and the summer. In the meantime it is time to get some work done and get to business baby!


Photographs for my upcoming photography exhibit at Citizen Cain

Here are some photographs that I am considering including in my upcoming photography exhibit at Citizen Cain. To see some other photographs that I am also considering please click here. The exhibit will be held in about eight week’s time and should last for two months. Canadian nightlife is the theme.

These photographs were taken with my 35mm Nikon F80 in 2000-2001. They depict the counter culture after-hours and rave scene of Ottawa and Quebec that thrived at that time.

This photograph was taken at Quebec City’s La Nuit en Blanche rave on October 6th 2001. I remember the night vividly as it was the moment that I met my husband Range.

Jodi dancing at Illusions in the summer of 2000.

Krista holding a sparkler at Atomic nightclub in Ottawa, Halloween 2000.

This photograph was commissioned by DJ Lee Warrysh for his techno CD. It was shot in his basement at his parents house in the summer of 2000.

This photograph is of a glowsick spinning on a DJ turntable. It was taken with the above photo of Lee Warrysh on his turntables at home in the summer of 2000.

This photgraph is of DJ Rebecca Van Vlasselaer at Velvet After-hours in Ottawa during the summer of 2000.

This is another photograph from Velvet. It was taken in the fall of 2000 when I worked for the club taking promotional pictures for their flyers and DJs. There is something romantic about this photo that has always appealed to me.

This is a photograph of a man dancing who was caught in the action at Velvet.

A woman dancing from behind at Velvet, fall 2000.


Marilette at the Gengdu Yuan 耕讀園 Teahouse for Discover Taipei Magazine

The Gengdu Yuan 耕讀園 is a very comfortable and elegant teahouse near the Shida market in downtown Taipei, 12, Alley 68, Shida Rd., Taipei; 台北市師大路68巷12號.  Last Sunday it was great to chat with Marilette and take photographs.  Thanks again Marilette! 


Yaoyue (Inviting the Moon) Teahouse 邀月 for Discover Taipei

These photographs were taken at the top of the mountain in Maokong at the  Yaoyue (Inviting the Moon) Teahouse 邀月.  The teahouse’s address is No. 6, Lane 40, Sec. 3; 指南路3段40巷6號; tel (02) 2939-2025


Marilette and Guide Street for Discover Taipei


Photographs of Taipei’s Cinema Park for Discover Taipei

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