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Taiwanisms of the week: spilling yogurt before teaching and other personal reflections


Here I am painting a horse sculpture on a field trip in HsinChu County last November.  Sometimes you can’t anticipate what the day will bring in Taiwan….

-Last week at work I spilled yogurt on my pants just before teaching University students.  Thankfully it was Monday morning so everyone was too asleep to notice. 

-Since I can’t read any signs finding certain services in the city can be a real challenge and it is often left up to luck.  Last week I found an office supply store.  Oh the convenience!  I also found a Bank of Taiwan near N.T.N.U. so that I could deposit money into my Canadian bank account.

-Today I tried calling Rachelle in B.C. but my phone card would not work. I ran out to the Family Mart and bought a new one but the toll free number was not working.  Very strange indeed. 

-Last night Range and I got lost on our way to Citizen Cain.  We took a cab to an approximate destination and then walked.  Sure enough the cab driver on the way home got lost and we took an interesting ride around an industrial area before finally making it home.   

-At Citizen Cain I had a great talk with a man from West Virginia on the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election.  He had volunteered for Kerry’s campaign but he now is supporting McCain.  He told me that Giuliani is riding the coattails of 9/11 and that Hillary is riding the coattails of Bill.  It was a very interesting conversation. We also met Lance and saw Christian which was fun.

-Today I am also applying to have a photography exhibit at Citizen Cain.  I am not quite sure what images to submit or where I will get prints and framing made or done.  Hmmm……

-This afternoon I also enjoyed reading Sarah’s blog the lemonspank and Lisa’s blog Mostly.  Sarah has some great personal writing and Lisa is displaying some excellent work.  Well done Ladies!

-At this moment Carrie is boarding her flight to Thailand with John…..  We will miss Carrie but are excited to hear of her adventures and travels when she gets back.  Last night, Carrie mentioned how nice it was that we had the opportunity to become friends again in Taiwan considering we did not know each other as well in Ottawa.  Personally, I always like having the opportunity to get to know old friends better at a latter stage in life.  Even if you were not that close you still have a shared history and experiences in common.  Its funny sometimes those friends end up becoming the best friends.  Carrie has a very positive outlook on life and I can’t wait to hear her travel stories and read about her experiences on her blog My Several Worlds. You go girl!


Robert and Stephanie Watson’s Wedding Photos: Part 2 Official Portraits


Anger: a personal reflection on how to deal with anger positively

At the moment I feel angry. Angry. Angry. Angry.

So angry that I can not sleep.

So angry that I have been lashing out at my husband and myself for insignificant and unrelated reasons.

Over the past few weeks I have thought about my famous temper and how at 30 I have been able to pretty much tame it. Seeing as I am currently angry I thought it would only be appropriate to share my secrets on how to deal with anger.

1. Understand that anger is an expression of “not getting what you need”. This is something someone told me a while ago. He explained to me that all anger stems from hurt. Now when I am angry I try to think of what is really making me feel this way and why I feel hurt. By acknowledging and dealing with the hurt I am then able to dissipate the anger.

2. The same person told me that anger is o.k. Yes it is ugly but sometimes we have a right to be angry and that we should feel angry. By feeling angry we will be able to acknowledge and start dealing with whatever is causing us to feel so upset.

3. Now if I am angry I try to deal with my emotions positively. That means no heated confrontations or negative exchanges. Instead I try to confide in a friend and let things simmer down. No angry emails. No angry phone calls.

4. People don’t respect angry people. No matter how valid your concerns are if you are angry you will not be listened to.

5. Stay away from your mother or others who will only encourage negative feeling. My mother, (who I love dearly), has a way of inciting my anger. She will just put things in a certain way which will somehow make me see red. Now I try to keep things neutral around her if I know I am feeling upset.

6. If you do get angry acknowledge it immediately and apologize. Say that you were feeling hurt and are sorry for getting angry. It’s the right thing to do and can start a positive dialogue to repair the issue at hand.

7. Forgive your own anger. Forgive others for their mistakes. Get over it. Move on and be happy!


Happy Birthday Range!

You are 31 years old today and here are 31 things that make you special

1. You have a lot of patience and can put up with me.
2. You always come through for me no matter how zany, (or crazy!), my idea.
3. You are very gentle.
4. You always smell good.
5. You like to be kissed on the cheek.
6. You have a good sense of smell.
7. You are very affectionate.
8. You appreciate modern art.
9. You are a world class blogger.
10. You invented paper blogging.
11. You have a nifty pen collection.
12. You are a gifted teacher.
13. You like Wallace and Gromit.
14. You are a great cook.
15. You always get the groceries.
16. You are very nice to snuggle up to.
17. You have a great love of traveling.
18. You have a goal to learn Chinese.
19. You love dogs.
20. You love kids.
21. You love talking about teaching, dogs, and kids.
22. You are very stylish.
23. You have a cool haircut.
24. You always make time for the little things in life and help me slow down.
25. You are a lot of fun.
26. You have a very unique sense of humor.
27. You like to drink tea.
28. You make amazing smoothies.
29. You are someone that I think about all the time in the day.
30. You have grown so much this year and I am so proud of you.
31. You are the love of my life. Happy Birthday!


Stephanie and Robert Watson’s Wedding: Photo Series 1 The Morning


New Media as propaganda: a comment on the US presidential election. Rudy Giuliani is just barely ahead, Hillary Clinton has enemies, and Barack Obama’s supporters are playing dirty


The American presidential race is only a year away so the gloves are coming off, the mud is starting to sling, and already winners are being declared.  According to the most recent polls on Giuliani has a three point lead over Hillary and a two point lead over Obama.  Those are pretty slim odds.  Giuliani is a centralist Republican with some leftists leanings.  According to the wikipedia he has supported gay-rights, pro-choice, and gun-control.  He has also been divorced and was voted Time’s Person of the Year in 2001 for his leadership in New York City during the 9/11 crisis.  However, an American friend has confided in me that Giuliani will never be elected.  His leftist leanings and complicated personal life are too much for the extreme and powerful Christian right. 

Hillary Clinton’s run for president is as complex and nasty as the gossip about her personal life during Bill Clinton’s time in office.  Hillary is again the victim.  Only this time it’s not over an alleged extramarital affair.  Now it’s supporters of the other candidate that are playing dirty.  Today I ready a very disturbing article on MSNBC.COM that revealed how a supporter of Obama created a negative political add debasing Hillary that has been viewed by over 1.5 million people on You Tube.  The use of the propaganda demonstrates a new type of political weapon.  Gurrila media through YouTube and the blogosphere.  Hillary faces quite an uphill battle in this race.  Her every move is scrutinized from her wardrobe choices to her taste in home décor.  Moreover, there is a Hillary backlash amongst all those right-wing Christians.  Of all the major candidates she is the one with the most points in the category “would never vote for”.  A shame really.  To me Hillary stands as a fantastic example of sexism in our current society.  No one talks about her politics.  Everyone attacks her personal life.  Traditional woman revile her for being ambitious and competitors use her drive to start a personal attack- as if it is a crime for a woman to strive for achievement and success in our current culture.

For the record, Hillary has always supported health care, education, and has voted against the war in Iraq.  She is a strong politician who deserves to be considered on her own terms and not judged against a double standard that does not affect male candidates.


Photos of Rachelle and Good Pregnancy blogs

My good friend Rachelle is pregnant and I am enjoying reading her blog that has some great photos of her new baby bump.  I also noticed that another old friend Jenny is also pregnant and have started reading her blog.  At the moment babies are not in my immediate future.  Still I find the whole experience fascinating and get a kick out of these blogs.  Here are some photos of Rachelle that were taken the last time I saw her at the Victoria Art Gallery in August 2006.

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