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Confessions of a Sunscreen addict: Part 1 Clinique


We all have things that we love to buy.  Some of it we need.  Some of it we use.  Sometimes it is a bare necessity and other times a notorious nuisance.  Some people buy mints.  Others shoes.  I treasure sunscreen. 

With my Skin Type 1 completion sunscreen also can save my life.  My father who is also a red head had cancerous moles removed from his body.  Sunscreen is a tool to keep me save from the sun.  I slather it over my face, chest, hands, and feet.  Two or three different types bottles are a permanent fixture of my bag or purse.  I might forget my keys but sunscreen never!

On our way back from Thailand I treated myself to some new Clinique sunscreen at the Duty Free shop.  Super City Block SPF 40 is my face sunscreen of choice.  It can get you through humidity and the tropical heat.  It also goes on as smooth as butter and is as light as a feather.  No oil slicks with this wonder tube. 

On an impulse I also took home the Clinique Sun-Care UV body cream in SPF 50.  It goes in a little greasy but is also water-proof.  Over time I have found Clinique to be a reliable and oil-free brand.  While my dermatologist has sung the praises of Neutragena.  I’ve burnt (literally) through that brand.  Coppertone has been a bit too heavy.  Lancome: enjoyed the body cream, but found the face cream too oily.  Estée Lauder rules.  Vichy can do the job.  L’oreal Ombrelle is effective but does not feel as good on the skin for long term wear as Clinique. 

Up Next: Part 2 the Dabate Over Mexoryl 


Happiness with your place in life


Photograph of flowers from Mom’s garden.  Summer 2006

Today I am feeling pretty good.  A bit overtired.  A bit giddy.  There is a jump to my step and bounce in my walk.  I can’t stop smiling. 

When ever I feel this good I try to remember it.  It’s like I want to hold onto the feeling for when the difficult times arrive.  I try to remind myself to enjoy feeling carefree and content with my place in life.  Things are good.  Naturally, there a a few details that are rough around the edges but overall I am feeling happy and optimistic.

Taiwan feels like home.  I’m making new friends and enjoying my experiences here.  There is a whole bunch of interesting stuff that is just coming around the corner and I feel exited and appreciative.


Rangeisms of the day

I am writing this post in honor of my husband Range. We have been married for almost two years now and he is my companion through the adventures and experiences of life. Sometimes we are like two affectionate teenagers. Other times our fiery tempers can lead to heated arguments. However, we are usually quick to forgive each other and bad feelings never stay for long.

Today Range did a few Rangisms that I feel like sharing.

1. We got to the airport very early. For the third time on our trip to Thailand. Range unconsciously likes us to be at the airport many moons before the plane is due to take off, (he will deny this). He likes us to be the first people at the gate.

2. Range craftily got us to sneak on excess baggage onto the plane in order to avoid paying the fine. He did this in a very cunning way which I will give him credit for; he stored our excess baggage on a trolley behind us while we checked in. At first I felt his idea was somewhat dubious, but I feel like I must give him props for being able to work the system now that it has worked out. (As you can imagine I am a serial over-packer who consistently shells out for excess baggage the moment I approach a ticket counter.)

3. Range worked the airport system to find the wireless internet. Range is very good with computers and always helps me out with technical problems which I appreciate. Needless to say I don’t know what I would do without him.

07 is down- will be back up soon

For about a month or so my website has been down.  I am in the midst of switching servers so the site has been down for the last few weeks. is the brainchild of Robert Watson, a renowned artist and creative IT specialist.  We met as fine art students at Ottawa U in 1999 and its been great to see our creative and professional careers grow with  I know that Rob is interested in presenting a new version of the site imminently and I would like to have a new version ready by the summer.  The site usually gets redesigned every two years or so.  The first version came out of Ottawa in the summer of 2001 and focused mostly on the Ottawa club scene.  The second version had a Montreal focus for the winter of 2003.  The latest version from winter 2005 combined my professional interests of art education and wedding photography.

The new version will have a focus on Taiwan and Taipei so I’m looking forward to it.  Rob is a uniquely talented designer so it’s going to be great to see what he will  come up with next.


The Good Thing About Coming Home From A Vacation

The good thing about taking a vacation is that it can provide perspective on details in your life that you often miss through your daily routine.  Coming home from a vacation can remind you of ways that your life should change or grow in ways that it needs to.

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Perfect Phuket

Since arriving in Phuket two days ago Range and I have been enjoying every moment of this relaxed beach-town island.  With the hot temperature, palm trees, scuba shops, and relaxed attitude Phuket really does seem like paradise.

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No more digital photos its back to film folks…..

Some times the darnedest things happen.  A few days ago I somehow lost the bottom attachment to my Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR camera which attaches the AA batteries to the camera body.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how it got lost.  It does not makeany-sense.  It either fell off the camera in a freak accident or is still lost amongst the clothes in my luggage.  Who knows?  I’ve looked and looked……  However, all is not lost.  I brought along my trusty Nikon F80 and have been taking photos with 35mm film.  Ironically enough, I’ve often mentioned how I wanted to go back to using my 35mm camera and now….well I have that chance.  Still, film is a lot more cumbersome than digital.  You are more aware of the number of photographs you take and picking up the camera is a little less immediate.  Still, I remember when I used to shoot 6-10 rolls in one night.  It seems like so long ago.  Moreover, it is also a bit unnerving to no longer be able to do a quick lighting check with the digital camera window.

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