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Earthquake in Taiwan: feeling the Earth move

Last Tuesday night there was an earthquake off the coast of southern Taiwan which measured 7.2 on the Richter scale. The earthquake has damaged several undersea cables, disrupting communications in Asia, and managed to shake all of Taiwan.

Ironically, that day I was having a conversation with Karen at work about natural disasters in Taiwan. She told me she feared hurricanes and I reminded her that the island of Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and prone to quakes. Sure enough that evening as I was heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water I noticed our dresser moving back and forth and hitting the wall- it seemed strange and suddenly I felt the supporting floor beam under my feet. Odd, as I’d never noticed it before. Range thought that perhaps we’d been playing our music to loud as the couch he was sitting on had started to shake- but I knew it was a quake.

About half an hour later we were sitting on our bed and discussing the earthquake when I felt the Earth move again; however, there was nothing physical going on it was just an aftershock. Range shook in the bed and it kind of felt like we were experiencing a ride at Disneyland in our own home. Almost everyone we know felt the quake. Carrie said that she did not feel the quake as much but perhaps that is because she is further up North near Taipei and we are a bit more south in HsinChu.


Iutian’s Photos from Christmas Eve

More photos taken by Iutian that celebrate the Christmas cheer.

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A Very Special Taiwan Christmas

Last night it was Christmas Eve and yes I was a bit glum. It was my first Christmas away from my family and I was not in the Christmas mood. We ended up going to a dinner party with our friends Gitte, Christo, Liezel, Iutian, and Farina. At first I did not want to go and face Christmas which to me just could not happen in Taiwan without my family.

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It’s Christmas in Taiwan

JoRees in the Taipei MRT


It’s Christmas in

So naturally I’m feeling a bit glum….  I’m also thinking about what an incredible year 2006 has been.  So many changes and transformations!  I also really miss my family and it doesn’t quite feel right to be having Christmas without them.  However, I’m really grateful for all the thoughtful season’s greeting’s I’ve been receiving recently.  Thanks for all the love and support!

All the best,



One small step for my career, one big step for me…

Over the last few weeks I have not had much time to update my blog as I’ve been busy with professional development and have been editing my old essays from my M.A. that I am planning on sending out to Taiwan universities in the hope of getting published. As I am going though this process I realize that I’m facing one of my biggest fears. Has that ever happened to you? You finally start doing something that you have always wanted to do…and talked about doing….and you realize that you’d put it off for so long because it was something you feared. It’s a terrible feeling when that happens but it is also a good one. You feel glad to have conquered your fear but also regretful of not quite having the guts to go after it earlier.

Now that I’m finally facing these old essays I am discovering that they are not as bad as I’d thought and are feeling more confident in sending them out. Wish me luck in sending everything out over the next few days….


Carrie and John


Here are some photos of Carrie and John our friends from
Taipei.  Carrie is an old friend that I’ve known since 2000. 

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Quinn Gourmely Part II or the difference between digital and film in black and white photography

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